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A fond farewell to Chinese students

For three months, a group of thirty Chinese students have studied at Halmstad University and experienced life in Sweden.

It is the fourth consecutive year that students from Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) have come to Halmstad.

– Perhaps we will meet in Shanghai next time, said the group’s teacher, wind power engineer Dr. Quanfeng Li, during the farewell party.

Overlooking the city

Gifts were exchanged and many thank you speeches were held to all persons involved, when the group from Dianji University were treated to a farewell party on one of the top floors of Halmstad's Trade Center – overlooking the city where they have spent the last three months.

Acting Vice-Chancellor, Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, hopes to see the students return to Sweden.

– Through this program we establish a relationship that lasts, a partnership for sustainable development.

Acting headmaster Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson hopes to se the Chinese students in Halmstad again.

The exchange has been rewarded by the government in Shanghai.

The program, “Research and Study Program in wind power innovation” is tailored especially for the Chinese students and involves more than just research and scientific studies.

– The program has developed over the years, and is an integration of research and education within the field of wind power. We have a postgraduate from SDJU with us that we are very proud of, and Jasmine Lihua Liu will defend her thesis in 2018. The program has led to a deeper relation between our Universities and between the Swedish and Chinese enterprises in wind power innovation, says Mike Danilovic, Professor of Industrial Organisation at the School of Business, Engineering and Science, and leader of the exchange project.

Widened horizons

For the students it is a journey with lessons in both language and culture.

– The more they learn about Sweden, our way of life and education, the easier they can adapt to differences in culture in student life and future life in Chinese and international business. They change as people, not just as students, during their stay here. We receive 30 young students who have never been outside China, and we send back 30 Swedish ambassadors, says Mike Danilovic, explaining how the program is possible thanks to the support of many colleagues at Halmstad University, from teachers to administrative staff.

Mike Dailovic and Dr. Quanfeng Li exchanging gifts.

Mike Danilovic has been appointed ”Distinguished Overseas Professor” at Dianji University, and he has a key role in the extensive collaborations that Halmstad University has in China.

The Professor has a guest appointment at Danji University, and next fall he hopes to have company from Halmstad when he goes back to lecture a course in Shanghai.

– I’m hoping to bring between 20 and 40 Swedish students from different Schools within Halmstad University, says the project leader, who is also hoping to welcome a new group of Chinese students to Halmstad in autumn 2017.

New knowledge

John Wang, 26, studies Electrical Engineering and is is one of the students from Shanghai. He has been staying with his friends at the Hostel Strandparken. He leaves Halmstad with new experiences, new knowledge and widened horizons.

– Many things are different here, also the studies. We have had many presentations and written tasks. Our writing has improved during the stay, says John Wang, who enjoyed Halmstad very much and would be happy to return some day.

John was one of five students to be awarded “Best Student Award 2016”, and he was given a diploma and a gift to remind him of his stay in Sweden.

Text and image: LOTTA ANDERSSON

Chinese students were treated to a farewell party

Exchanges between China and Halmstad University

In October 2015, a delegation from Halmstad University visited universities and colleges and enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai. The visit led to extended collaboration and contact.

In April 2016, Halmstad University and SDJU made “Sino-Sweden Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Intelligent Manufacturing Symposium”, bringing together well-known Professors from China and Sweden, among them Professors from HU, Chalmers, Lund University Linköping and Mälardalens Högskola.

Varberg Energi and Gamesa Sweden were also part of the Symposium from the Swedish side.

The event was acknowledged in Shanghai, a region with 80 universities and an equal amount of science parks and incubators.

Today, China’s largest wind power company, Goldwind, uses a specially designed model for service and maintenance developed by scientists at Halmstad University.

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