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Candidate to becoming Vice-Chancellor to hearing

In a meeting on November 9, the recruiting committee for the appointment of new Vice-Chancellor has decided to let one candidate, Stephen Hwang, take one step further in the recruiting process – the hearing, which will take place on November 14.

Among the six applicants for the position as Vice-Chancellor, three applicants were initially assessed not to match the profile specification. The committee has performed an enhanced assessment of the three remaining candidates. One of them has, at a late stage, chosen to withdraw his application. Two candidates have been interviewed by the recruiting committee and after this, the committee agreed unanimously that only one of them was sufficiently qualified to become the Vice-Chancellor of Halmstad University. Stephen Hwang, at present Vice-Chancellor of Linnaeus University, is the candidate that the committee would like to present for the hearing.

Three different hearing groups will meet Stephen Hwang on November 14. All students and employees are requested to contact their representatives in the hearing groups (see below) to forward their questions and viewpoints. After the hearing, the Deans and the Acting Vice-Chancellor will also meet Stephen Hwang.

Each hearing group will leave a statement to the recruiting committee. In a meeting on November 21, the committee will draw up the proposal to the University Board. The Board has its next meeting on December 9 where it will make a decision of whom the members would like to see as a new Vice-Chancellor. This decision is sent to the government, the authority which appoints a new Vice-Chancellor.


Participants and times for the hearing on November 14

9.00–11.00, Lecturers and researchers, represented by:
School of Business, Engineering and Science
Svante Andersson, Lina Lundgren and Jan-Olof Müller

School of Health and Welfare
Urban Johnson, Karin Weman Josefsson and Jörgen Öijervall

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
Mikael Sandberg, K-G Hammarlund and Jonas Asklund

School of Information Technology
MohammadReza Mousavi, Per-Sverre Svendsen and Thomas Munther

11.15–12.45, Technical/Administrative staff, represented by:
Charlotta Alm Ledel, campus services (IT)
Anette Andreasson, student affairs
Staffan Enting, student affairs
Jenny Håkansson, student affairs
Niclas Rosander, communication
Gunilla de Vries Lindestam, chancellery

13.30–15.00, students, represented by:
School of Information Technology
Elin Hernborg –
Mikael Beremark –

School of Health and Welfare
Alina Franck –
Hanne Göransson –
Sandra Sandberg –

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
Alfred Gotemark –
Christian Haag –
Frida Jonasson –

School of Business, Engineering and Science
Angelica Pantzar –
Emelie Leesment –
Jesper Persson –
Jonas Råsberg –

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