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Major investment in research that helps companies make smart decisions

Many companies find it difficult to analyse all the information they collect. A new research project, SeMi, concerns the automatic analysis of data, which will help companies in several different sectors to make better decisions. Halmstad University has been granted SEK 12 million from the Knowledge Foundation to develop specialised research that strengthens the University’s international position.

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District heating systems, for example, can be configured in a huge number of ways. This makes it difficult when using traditional tools to find out whether systems are working optimally or not. Developing methods and algorithms that can monitor several systems at once enables “normal behaviour” patterns to be identified. Through self-monitoring, these patterns can then be used to identify deviations or symptoms that something is wrong.

More and more companies are showing an interest in improving the way they analyse and utilise all the information they collect.

– The information can be used to make systems more reliable. By discovering deviations early, systems can be updated or replaced when it is actually needed, which makes them more efficient. It saves time and money for both companies and society, says Professor Antanas Verikas, the SeMi project leader.

Projects learn from each other

The core of SeMi (self-monitoring for innovation – meta-frameworks for group-based self-monitoring) is that the work is based on the synergy of three different sub-projects and companies in different sectors with similar challenges. Sub-projects will be run in parallel for district heating, industrial networks and heat pumps. These projects will be able to learn from each other and enable the building of a meta-framework – a general framework that is applicable to many companies, and which can support the development of many different types of self-monitoring systems in the future.

SeMi is a collaboration between Halmstad University and Halmstad Energy and Environment (HEM), Öresundskraft, HMS Networks, Alfa Laval, Sydpumpen and EasyServ Sweden. The total investment is just over SEK 20 million. In addition to the Knowledge Foundation’s SEK 12 million grant covering a four-year period, the SeMi project will also receive resources from the University and companies.

­– It is very pleasing that Antanas and his research group have had the project accepted. It strengthens the University nationally and internationally, and makes a strong contribution to the development of the University’s focus area ‘Smart Cities and Communities, says Magnus Bergquist, programme director for the Knowledge Foundation environment Research for Innovation at Halmstad University.


Person, Antanas Verikas

Professor Antanas Verikas, the SeMi project leader

Person, Magnus Bergquist

Magnus Bergquist, programme director for the Knowledge Foundation environment Research for Innovation at Halmstad University

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