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Summer school with an international touch

Through a unique collaboration between Halmstad University and Uppsala University, the Health Innovation Summer School (HISS) was arranged in an effort to elevate collaboration and research regarding health innovations. Close to 50 Swedish and international students and lecturers gathered at Halmstad University for the first edition in late August.

Participants taking notes during a speech

Health Innovation Summer School is one of the initiatives of the University wide profile Health Innovation at Halmstad University to strengthen knowledge of and collaboration in health innovation at the University.

– The attendance was great considering it was the first time we arranged this kind of summer school. All of the students, both from Halmstad University and the other universities, contributed largely to innovative dialogues and workshops as well as to the positive and creative atmosphere that was so apparent for the organisers, says Ingela Skärsäter, who is the programme director for Health Innovation at Halmstad University.

International lecturers

During HISS’ three days there were numeral lecturers and workshop leaders from the organisers Halmstad University and Uppsala University. Among them were Magnus Holmén, Professor at the School of Business, Engineering and Science, who lectured about The Nature, Causes and Consequences of Innovation. One of Uppsala University’s lecturers was Helena Grönqvist with her lecture Public and patient involvement in research. Helena Grönqvist was an organiser of HISS from Uppsala.

– Our collaboration with Halmstad University worked very well. It is exciting to combine the strengths of a relatively young and innovation driven university with a large and venerable university with its breadth and experience. We are looking forward to continued collaboration, both in teaching and hopefully research, says Helena Grönqvist.

Geoffrey Williams frum the University of Rochester holds a lecture at HISS.

In addition to the Swedish lecturers there was also Assistant Professor Lars Elbæk and Erik Zijdemans from the University of Southern Denmark, who held their lecture From Innovation Theories to Applied Research. Professor Geoffrey Williams from University of Rochester held an appreciated lecture called Health Innovations Based on the Self-Determination Theory: From Research to Policy Making

Wide range of workshops

During HISS there were also workshops with different orientations from a health innovation perspective. Among others Laura Kukkola, PhD student from Uppsala University, held a well-attended workshop about participatory action research. Parallel to two other workshops, Wagner Ourique De Morais and Jens Lundström gave a workshop about ambient assisted living technologies in the display lab Halmstad intelligent home.

On Wednesday, three more workshops were held where the usefulness of interactive school furniture to increase the physical activity of Danish school children and the internationalisation from a health perspective were discussed.

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