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Seen but not heard?! Children's participation in research about digital technology in preschool

Sjöberg, Jeanette, Lagergren, Anniqa, Holmberg, Kristina

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


The aim of this study is to investigate norms and constructions of children in previous research concerning preschool children and digital technology. Digital technology is an important part of preschool activities. The number of children and preschool teachers who have access to computer tablets and clever boards in their everyday practice has increased in recent years (e.g. Couse & Chen, 2010, Edwards, 2013). This development has led to the need of extended knowledge concerning the critical contextual factors of digital technology use in preschool context (e.g. Lindahl & Folkesson, 2012). In the analysis of the material, social constructionism and discursive psychology (Wheterell & Potter, 1992, Potter, 1996) were used. This paper is based on a critical integrative literature review (Torraco, 2005) regarding research on preschool children and digital technology. The review draws from a number of scholarly research articles conducted between 2000-2015. Ethical considerations were met by showing respect and responsiveness to other researchers work (e.g. Preliminary results indicate that children often are marginalised in research and focus is more likely to be on an adult's point of view (such as the teacher or the parent). In this sense, children have a weak "voice" in research regarding digital technology use in preschool, therefore, the lack of the child's perspective is evident. The results, we argue, have important implications for researchers, preschool teachers and teacher educators in further discussions of how, when and for what purposes digital technology should be used in preschool children's activities.

Nyckelord: digital technology; discourses; integrative literature review; preschool; preschool children

Citera: Sjöberg, Jeanette, Lagergren, Anniqa & Holmberg, Kristina, Seen but not heard?! Children's participation in research about digital technology in preschool, 27th EECERA Annual Conference : Social Justice, Solidarity and Children’s Rights’, Bologna, Italy, 29th August – 1st September 2017: Abstract Book., s. 45-45, 2017