Lifehacks - karriärseminarium

Obs. Det här seminariet hålls på engelska. Seminariet är ett samarbete där KTH Kungliga tekniska högskolan är arrangörer och presenterar.

Do you have questions about life after university? Is the future path to your first employment clear and mapped out?

To have goals and to know how to achieve these are two totally different things, of which non is too easy to define every time. Join this webinar to gain insights and tips from two who left the academic life a decade ago and since then gone through a variety of different industries and roles. We will share our way through the labyrinth of working life, how to build meaningful connections and learn you to set goals with purpose.

This lecture will be hold by:
- Mikko Kärkkäinen, Solution Engineer, Autodesk
KTH, B.Sc Structural Eng.

- Victor Hedener, Product Specialist Sales Executive, Autodesk
Lund University, Finance