Docentföreläsning - Urban Bilstrup

Urban Bilstrup håller sin docentföreläsning inom datakommunikation: "Management and Control of Resources in Wireless Networks"

Sammanfattning av föreläsningens innehåll (på engelska):
The interconnection of heterogeneous networks, the increasing number of multimodal applications, increasing quality requirements of applications, and the complexity of use cases create a network environment that is not feasible for humans to manage manually. The pervasive computing vision, in which smart objects form an Internet of Things, is only achievable if network management automation is introduced. The wireless ad hoc characteristics of emerging wireless networking standards used to realize the pervasive computing vision (e.g. body, personal, home, business, vehicle, and wireless wide area networks) increase the Spatio-temporal complexity, traffic dynamics into manageability domains that are far beyond the capability of humans to handle.

This talk focuses on the necessity of introducing advanced resource and management systems to handle the complexity of communication systems. Early cognitive management results from the defence area are reviewed and applied on the Internet of Things vision. Research results from the development of a cognitive manager architecture are described and some performance results in the area of resource management are presented.

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska via Zoom: