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Research Centres and Research Groups

Click on picture or text below for more information about each research environment, area or group.

CIEL's main purpose is from a multi-disciplinary perspective to develop research, knowledge and expertise within innovation, business enterprise and regional learning.

Research Groups within CIEL:

The environment pursues research connected to school and teacher education. Knowledge about educational opportunities and outcomes for children, young people and adults from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

There are two Research Groups within CLKS.

Research platforms are:

CVHI conducts research on topics such as health sciences, nursing, public health, disability studies, health education, sports psychology, social work and sociology.

Research Groups within CVHI:

  • Health and Nursing
  • Health and Sports
  • The Wigforss Group

Researchers at RLAS are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, biomechanics, biomedicine, biology, energy research, and environmental science.

The research has great potential for providing important benefits to society through technical and scientific innovation.

Research areas within RLAS:

  • Material Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Biosystems
Updated 2018-05-24