New Business Models 2021

The conference New Business Models is arranged yearly, each time in a different European conutry and with a different theme. In 2021, Halmstad University stand as hosts and the theme is New Business Models in a Decade of Action: Sustainable, Evidence-Based, Impactful.

2021 demarcates the first lustrum of the NBM Conference series. Its foundation was laid by Prof. Jan Jonker in two workshops held at Toulouse Business School, France, in 2014 and 2015. During these workshops it became clear that thorough research was needed on the nature of business models, to better understand how new business models can contribute to sustainable development.

The idea for the first NBM Conference was born: NBM@Toulouse 2016. This seminal event focused on the issue of organising value creation in such a way that it addresses sustainable development. The main idea was to further explore the potential of a new generation of business models to contribute to solving societal challenges.

Almost five years down the line we have organised NBM@Toulouse (2016), NBM@Graz (2017), NBM@Sofia (2018), and NBM@Berlin (2019), and NBM@Nijmegen (2020). On June 9–11 2021 the conference will be arranged for the 6th time, now hosted by Halmstad University.