Living in Halmstad

Halmstad, located by the sea, has about 100,000 residents, and with its unbeatable location on the Swedish west coast, its love for the sea, nature reserves, miles long beaches, forests and walking trails along the shoreline, Halmstad has a special place in many peoples hearts.

With some of the longest sandy beaches in Sweden, Halmstad is one of the most popular Swedish destinations in the summer.

Halmstad is a lively municipality, throughout the year. The favourable location on the west coast allows business to develop, tourism to thrive and inhabitants to enjoy life and multiply in numbers.

Being a small city, Halmstad enables close relationships between the university and businesses in our community. Halmstad’s ideal size also makes it convenient to get around. Just a few minutes by bicycle or bus takes you from campus to the city centre, sandy beaches or forested Galgberget Hill.

A beach with blue ocean in the background, a yellow bowl filled with seashells on the right. Photo.