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Bookmarks and how they work

Bookmarks are functions for frequent users of the website. Using bookmarks you can easily create your own menu with links to the web pages you work most often with.


Information about the links in My favourites is saved in a so-called cookie file, a small textfile stored in the computer. What this means is that if some else is using your computer, they can see what favourites you have put in. This also means that if you change computer the links won't be shown there; instead you will need to create them again.

Adding bookmarks

When you have visited a web page which you want to include as a bookmark, just click on the link 'Add to my bookmarks' on the right of the article. You can also choose to do this in the 'My bookmarks' list in the left-hand menu where the option 'Add to bookmarks' can be found.  

Using bookmarks

By clicking on 'My bookmarks' in the left-hand menu, a list appears of all the bookmarks which have been added to this computer. Click on a bookmark to get to the web page.

Editing bookmarks

In 'My bookmarks' found in the left-hand menu, there is the selection 'Edit bookmark'. If you click on this you will come to the webpage where you can delete bookmarks.
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Updated 2017-12-04