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Peter Karlsson

Work area / area of expertise
Health and Sport

Doctoral Student in psychology, focus on cognition and aging.

I teach mostly courses in general psychology. At the moment most of my teaching concerns cognitive psychology, research method and supervising of papers in psychology.

My research concerns cognition and aging. At the moment Im focusing on cognitive change in relation to aging, especially changes regarding memory. A special interest is in trying to identify factors that are related (positively as well as negatively) to amount and rate of cognitive decline in relation to aging (from the age of 70 and onwards).

Research environment:
arrow CVHI - Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport

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  • Artikel i tidskrift
  • Karlsson, Peter, Thorvaldsson, Valgeir, Skoog, Ingmar, Gudmundsson, Pia, Johansson, Boo (2015). Birth Cohort Differences in Fluid Cognition in Old Age : Comparisons of Trends in Levels and Change Trajectories Over 30 Years in Three Population-Based Samples. Psychology and Aging. Se post i DiVAlänk till annan webbplats
  • Konferensbidrag
  • Karlsson, Peter, Thorvaldsson, Valgeir, Skoog, Ingmar, Johansson, Boo (2014). Birth cohort differences in cognitive aging : Secular trends in levels of functioning and rates of change over 30 years in a population-based Swedish sample. . Se post i DiVAlänk till annan webbplats
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Contact information
Department / Unit:
School of Health and Welfare

Building / Room:
Building R / 4103b

+46 (0) 35 16 78 37


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