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What does a participant have to say?

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Britta Duve Hansen

Britta Duve Hansen is a mathematician and works as a solutions architect at the municipality of Lund. She attended the MAISTR programme at Halmstad University during the spring of 2019:

”I use the concepts that we talk about during the programme in my daily work, but I have no education in the subject. Therefore, I wanted to get the academy's and research's view on how to design for AI and machine learning. At Lund municipality we have a team with UX and service designers. It is important that we, who work with IT architecture, also have knowledge in the area so that we can use the same vocabulary. During the MAISTR programme, we meet one day a month in Halmstad, which is a good arrangement that can easily be integrated with working life.”

”AI is a transforming technology, and industries in many sectors need to step up their competence in this area to maintain competitiveness. This does not mean just the technology side of AI, which traditionally has been the focus of education in Sweden, but also for how services are built on AI.”

Stefan Byttner, project leader of MAISTR