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The Teaching and Learning Prize

The Research and Education Board (FUN) announces an educational prize to the teacher who has been particularly successful in developing students' learning.

Through this award, the Board wants to:

  • highlight good teaching and learning in higher education,
  • acknowledge a colleague who, with knowledge and enthusiasm, had a decisive effect on student learning, and
  • contribute to the national development of applied teaching and learning in higher education.

Criteria for the Teaching and Learning Prize

The following criteria have been selected to characterise a successful teacher.

The ability to support and encourage student learning, for example by:

  • awakening, stimulating and inspiring curiosity for the subject and higher studies,
  • awakening, stimulating and inspiring creativity, reflection and critical thinking,
  • involving students in the development of the content and the implementation of their education,
  • designing teaching in such a way that students' different needs in the learning process are met,
  • through authentic examples and own experiences, integrating relevant research into the education for the students.

The ability to support and encourage colleagues' development as teachers, for example, by:

  • engaging in both subject development and subject didactics development,
  • actively contributing to the School's / unit's development of teaching and learning in higher education.

The ability for self development as a teacher, for example, by:

  • deliberately and systematically striving to develop his/her educational and didactic skills.


Staff and students can nominate one or more candidates. The nomination should contain which of the three criteria the nomination is based on and a motivation. Nomination time for nominating candidates expires on September 26, 2018.

Nominate a candidate

A task force consisting of qualified / excellent teachers has the task of drawing up proposals for prize winners. The working group also includes an external person, knowledgeable in teaching and learning in higher education. FUN's chair appoints winners of educational prizes according to the working group's preparation.

Announcement of the winner of the Teaching and Learning Prize takes place at the appropriate time. The winner is also acknowledged in connection with the University's academic ceremony.

The prize

The prize consists of participation in any European university education conference.

Dissemination of good university education

In order to spread experiences and ideas about university education, the prize winner will be asked to hold a lecture at the University Conference on teaching and learning in higher education.

About the Teaching and Learning Prize

The Teaching and Learning Prize was instituted in 2007. Every year, the award is given to a teacher who is considered to be particularly successful in developing student learning.

The award is presented by the Research and Education Board at Halmstad University. Staff and students are invited to nominate one or more candidatess. A working group consisting of accomplished/excellent teaching staff members is assigned with the task of selecting a winner. The group also includes one external member who is informed about teaching and learning in higher education.

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