Tuition fee payment

As a student from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, one of the first things you need to do when being admitted to Halmstad University is to pay the tuition fee. If you are an exchange student, special regulations apply.

Once you have received notification of your admission to Halmstad University, you will receive an invoice by email with the tuition fee for the first semester. Information on how and when payment should be made will be stated in the invoice document. The payment should be made by bank transfer and the fee is to be paid in Swedish kronor (SEK). If payment is not made on time, the admission will be cancelled. We do not accept payment in installments.

If you have been granted a scholarship, the amount awarded will be deducted from your invoice accordingly.

Regulations for the payment of tuition feesPDF

Once the fee for the first semester is paid, you can apply for your residence permit through the Swedish Migration Agency. You will receive a confirmation of your payment by email and we will also notify the Migration Agency from our side.

Please note that special payment rules apply if the original payment has been made from an account in Iran. Due to international regulations, it is currently not permitted for Swedish universities to transfer money to Iran. Before you make the payment, we recommend that you choose an account or a payment method which the university can use if a refund must be made.

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Reimbursement of fees

The tuition fee can be reimbursed:

  • if your application for visa is rejected
  • if you have been conditionally admitted and do not meet the entry requirements by registration day

Halmstad University does not grant reimbursement for financial reasons. For detailed information, please see Regulations for the payment of tuition fees.

The application for reimbursement must be in writing and the application should be received during the current semester. You must submit supporting documents together with the application, we will only accept certified copies of documents. Send your application to

If a decision on reimbursement has been made, Halmstad University will reserve the right to retain 5000 SEK for administrative expenses. Decisions on reimbursement are made by the Head of the Student Affairs Department.

Please be aware that a reimbursement is always made to the same account as the payment was originally made from. This applies regardless of whether you have paid from your own account or through another account holder.