Course selection

Below you can find instructions on how to understand the course lists and examples of different ways to combine courses during your exchange studies.

1. Understand how courses and semesters are organised

  • Full time studies equals 30 credits per semester
  • Each semester consists of 2 consecutive study periods
  • Each period lasts for ten weeks
  • Full‐time studies (100 %) equals an estimated workload of 40 hours per week

2. Navigating the course lists

The course lists contain information about the courses’ length, amount of credits, study, pace and during which periods they are studied. There is also a link to the webpage of each course where additional information is found and the specific prerequisites are explained.

Courses may run full‐time (100%), or part‐time (25–75%). A full‐time (100%) course equals 1.5 credits per week. Part‐time courses have a lesser study load and lasts longer, i.e. a course at 50% pace equals 0.75 credits per week, a course at 25% pace, equals 0.375 credits/week.

Choose courses from the list of courses for exchange students on the webpage and be ready to select the courses online.

Courses for exchange students

3. How to combine courses

  • Make sure to choose courses covering both periods.
  • Combine your courses in such a way that you stay as close as possible to a total of 100% study load per period.
  • The total study load should also add up to 30 credits per semester.
  • Students should preferably apply for 6 courses in order of preference.