Artificial Intelligence

7,5 credits

The course aims at providing an overview of the field Artificial Intelligence; the different pradigms, what type of problems that are approached and the methods used.

After a successfully finished course the student shall be able to

  • describe generally the field Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • describe different problems that are approached in AI, different methods and algorithms (and their pros and cons) that are used to solve these problems, and how these are implemented in a computer program
  • judge whether or not a problem is suitable to solve with AI techniques
  • write computer programs that solve simpler problems

Autumn 2023 (Campus based, Halmstad, 50%)


Advanced level

Application code:


Entry requirements:

Courses in computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering of at least 90 credits. Courses in mathematics of at least 30 credits or courses including calculus, linear algebra and transform methods.

Selection rules:

Available for exchange students. Limited numbers of seats.

Start week:

week: 44

Instructional time:


Language of instruction:

Teaching is in English.

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