Psychology - Research Method and Thesis

30 credits

In this course, the student will develop in-depth knowledge of scientific theory and research methodology. In addition, the student will learn how to plan, implement, and report an empirical research work in the field of sports and exercise psychology.

The course is divided into two modules 1) Scientific Theory and Method, and 2) Thesis.

In the course, the student works on describing different theoretical perspectives on science and how these are related to research in the subject of psychology. The student also develops skills concerning critically evaluating and analysing psychological research. Under supervision, the student will carry out an independent empirical study based on psychological scientific methodology in relation to the chosen subject area.

Today, there are several ongoing research projects in the field of sports and exercise psychology at Halmstad University. Examples of this are psychological perspectives on career transitions in a sports and exercise context, the psychology of sports injuries, and mindfulness & sports and exercise. For interested students, opportunities are given to conduct in-depth empirical studies in the before mentioned research areas.

During the academic year, the student may, in parallel to this course, read ”To Work as an Applied Sport Psychologist, Group and Individuals (30 credits)” and then apply for a Master’s degree in Psychology at Halmstad University.

The course package Psychology - Research Method and Thesis 30 credits contains the following courses:

  • PS8007 Psychology - Scientific Method 15 hp (autumn semester)
  • PS8008 Thesis in Psychology 15 hp (spring semester)

    Adopted course syllabi are found at:

Autumn 2023 (Campus based, Halmstad, 50%)


Advanced level

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Entry requirements:

Psychology 90 credits.

Selection rules:

Available for exchange students. Limited numbers of seats.

Start week:

week: 35

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Language of instruction:

Teaching is in English.

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