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Halmstad Colloquium

– School of Information Technology's distinguished speaker series.

Upcoming talks:

Professor Jorge Armony, McGill Univ, Montreal.

March 13 at 13:15 in Wigforssalen house Visionen, Halmstad University.

Title, abstract and bio will be published soon. Welcome back!

Recent talks: 

Computability Revisited

Jos Baeten, Professor in Theory of Computing, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

January 7, 2017.

The talk surveys what happens when computability theory is integrated with concurrency theory, which theorems remain valid and which theorems should be adapted. The Reactive Turing Machine is introduced as a model of computability with interaction. About Jos Beaten.PDF (pdf, 52.1 kB)


Partial Continuous Map

Professor Eugenio Moggi, University of Genoa, Italy.

August 19, 2015.

Hybrid systems can exhibit a range of pathologies that are hard to rule out without making a modeling formalism overly restrictive. Addressing these pathologies, many of which relate to so-called Zeno behaviors, is a prerequisite to being able to give sound definitions of fundamental concepts in hybrid systems, such as reachability. About Eugenio Moggi.PDF (pdf, 219.8 kB)


Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities

Professor Enrique Alba from University of Málaga, Spain.

June 4, 2015.

The concept of Smart Cities can be understood as a holistic approach to improve the level of development and management of the city in a broad range of services by using information and communication technologies. It is common to recognize six axes of work in them: i) Smart Economy, ii) Smart People, iii) Smart Governance, iv) Smart Mobility, v) Smart Environment, and vi) Smart Living. This talk focuses on a capital issue – smart mobility – and discusses potential applications of intelligent systems for energy, environmental applications, smart building, and several other applications linked to smart living, tourism, and smart municipal governance. About Enrique Alba.PDF (pdf, 46.7 kB)

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