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School of Information Technology
Doctoral theses defences – coming and accomplished

Doctoral defences to come:


Defender and title


No planned defences.


Accomplished defences:



Defender and title

Popular science


Dec 1

Adam Duracz:

Rigorous Simulation: Its Theory and Applications

News article

Nov 18

Vishal Jain:

III-V Nanowire-based Infrared Photodetectors
– Design, Fabrication and Characterization

Sept 2

Erik Hertz:

AbstractPDF (pdf, 53.7 kB)

Methodologies for Approximation of Unary Functions and Their Implementation in Hardware

News article

March 15

Mahboobeh Parsapoor:

Towards Emotion-inspired Computational Intelligence (EiCI)

 Jan. 28


 Asif Akram:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 104.3 kB)

Value Network Transformation – Digital Service Innovation in the Vehicle Industry

News article









Sept. 28


Soumitra Chowdhury:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 39.3 kB) (pdf, 39.3 kB)


Service Logic in Digitalized Product Platforms – A study of digital service innovation in the vehicle industry






Sept. 25


Jesper Lund:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 69.5 kB) (pdf, 69.5 kB)


Digital Innovation: Orchestrating Network Activities






Sept. 16


Wagner Ourique de Morais:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 48.2 kB) (pdf, 48.2 kB)


Architecting Smart Home Environments for Healthcare: A Database-centric Approach






May 13


Peter Mühlfellner:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 35.2 kB) (pdf, 35.2 kB)


Lifelong Visual Localization for Automated Vehicles






April 17


Anna Mikaelyan:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 47.2 kB) (pdf, 47.2 kB)


Compact orientation and frequency description with applications to biometrics










June 13


Jens Lundström:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 82.9 kB) (pdf, 82.9 kB)


Situation Awareness in Color Printing and Beyond


April 4


Waldomiro Paschoal:




Magnetotransport studies of Mn-implanted nanowires






Dec. 17


Emil Nilsson:




Applying Microwave Technology in Short Range Radio Communication and sensing Systems - Theory and Design


June 7


Annette Böhm:




Delay-sensitive wireless communication for cooperative driving applications


April 15


Katrin Sjöberg:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 138.2 kB) (pdf, 138.2 kB)


Medium Access Control for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks






April 13


Anita Pinheiro Sant'Anna:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 27.3 kB) (pdf, 27.3 kB)


A Symbolic Approach to Human Motion Analysis Using Inertial Sensors: Framework and Gait Analysis Study


Febr. 21


Kristoffer Lidström:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 57 kB) (pdf, 57 kB)


Situation-Aware Vehicles Supporting the Next Generation of Cooperative Traffic Systems






May 26




AbstractPDF (pdf, 14.3 kB) (pdf, 14.3 kB)


Programming of Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures


June 8


Yan Wang:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 16.5 kB) (pdf, 16.5 kB)


A Domain-Specific Language for Protocol Stack Implementation in Embedded Systems


Nov. 17


Edison Pignaton de Freitas:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 27.5 kB) (pdf, 27.5 kB)


Cooperative Context-Aware Setup and Performance of Surveillance Missions Using Static and Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks






May 21


Gabriela Conache:




Studies of Nanowire Friction using AFM-based Manipulation


June 2


Björn Nilsson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 147.9 kB) (pdf, 147.9 kB)


Energy Efficient Protocols for Active RFID


Dec. 3


Michel Thomsen:




Beställarkompetens vid upphandling och utveckling av IT – Om kompetensframväxt i skuggan av kunskapsfragmentering


Dec. 13


Kristina Kunert:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 139.2 kB) (pdf, 139.2 kB)


Architectures and Protocols for Performance Improvements of Real-Time Networks






June 1


Yaregal Assabie:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 109.3 kB) (pdf, 109.3 kB)


Machine-Printed and Handwritten Ethiopic Script Recognition


June 10


Jerker Bengtsson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 117.1 kB) (pdf, 117.1 kB)


Models and Methods for Development of DSP Applications on Manycore Processors


June 12


Bertil Nilsson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 84 kB) (pdf, 84 kB)


Finite Element Procedures for Virtual Tribology


June 12


Dereje Teferi Lemma:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 102.6 kB) (pdf, 102.6 kB)


Recognition and Evaluation by Video Synthesis Methods and Symmetry Features


Sept. 25


Maria Åkesson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 133.6 kB) (pdf, 133.6 kB)


Digital Innovation in the Value Networks of Newspapers






Dec. 19


Urban Bilstrup:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 141.6 kB) (pdf, 141.6 kB)


Bluetooth and Wireless Multihop Networks in Industrial Communciation Systems


Sept. 16


Maycel Isaac Faraj:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 107.1 kB) (pdf, 107.1 kB)


Lip-Motion Biometrics for Audio-Visual Identity Recognition


Aug. 25


Ruisheng Liu:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 156.9 kB) (pdf, 156.9 kB)


Spin Transport Studies of Nanoscaled Ferromagnetic Tunneling Devices


Oct. 10


Wolfgang Svensson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 135.4 kB) (pdf, 135.4 kB)


Prostehetic Foot Control for Ground Adaptation






May 14


Hoai Hoang:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 147.4 kB) (pdf, 147.4 kB)


Enhancing the Performance of Distributed Real-Time Systems


May 29


Anders Åhlander:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 154.2 kB) (pdf, 154.2 kB)


Efficient Parallel Architectures for Future Radar Signal Processing


June 5


Xing Fan:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 137.5 kB) (pdf, 137.5 kB)


Real-Time Services in Packet-Switched Networks for Embedded Applications


Nov. 26


Liwen You:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 136.7 kB) (pdf, 136.7 kB)


Computational Prediction Models for Proteolytic Cleavage and Epitope Identification


Nov. 30


Cristofer Englund:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 125.6 kB) (pdf, 125.6 kB)


Modelling and Controlling an Offset Lithographic Printing Process






June 12


Ola Bengtsson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 167.5 kB) (pdf, 167.5 kB)


Robust Self-Localization of Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments Using Scan Matching Algorithms






May 20


Lalith Premaratne:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 77.7 kB) (pdf, 77.7 kB)


Recognition of Printed Sinhala Characters by Direction Fields


May 27


Kenneth Nilsson:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 74.9 kB) (pdf, 74.9 kB)


Symmetry Filters Applied to Fingerprints. Representation, Feature extraction, and Registration


Sept. 8


Björn Åstrand:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 84.3 kB) (pdf, 84.3 kB)


Vision Based Perception for Mechatronic Weed Control


Dec. 16


Stefan Byttner:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 72.9 kB) (pdf, 72.9 kB)


Real-time Control of an SI Engine using Ion Current Based Algorithms








Carina Ihlström:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 68.7 kB) (pdf, 68.7 kB)


The Evolution of a New(s) Genre


Oct. 10


Elisabeth Uhlemann:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 177.1 kB) (pdf, 177.1 kB)


Adaptive Concatenated Coding for Wireless Real-Time Communications


Nov. 19


Nicholas Wickström:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 147.1 kB) (pdf, 147.1 kB)


Virtual Sensing of Combustion Quality in SI Engines using the Ion Current






Dec. 10


Donald Malmberg:




Innovative Contact Free Sensors for Metallurgical Process Control








Maarja Kruusmaa:




Repeated Path Planning for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments


April 5


Jan-Olof Johansson:




Models of Surface Roughness with Applications in Paper Industry


Oct. 8


Anders Kaestner:




Non-Invasive Multidimensional Imaging Applied on Biological Substances


Sept. 27


Carl Magnus Nilsson:




New Possibilities Using Modern Optics in Paper Production








Magnus Jonsson:




High Performance Fiber-Optic Interconnection Networks for Real-Time Computing Systems



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