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Intelligent systems' laboratory 

"Intelligent systems" is an umbrella term for enabling technologies that aim to mimic the human ability to observe, remember, reason, decide and act. "Intelligent systems" technologies include smart sensor systems, computer systems (embedded computers), artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning, mechatronics systems, control systems and human-machine interfaces. Intelligent systems allow machines and devices to anticipate requirements and deal with environments that are complex, unknown, and unpredictable. Intelligent systems have the capacity to transform entire industries, e.g. in manufacturing automation, and the world market for intelligent systems, or products/processes that benefit from "intelligence", is huge. This is evident not least from the number of hits you get with a web search engine if you enter the phrase "intelligent systems".

The intelligent systems lab in Halmstad gathers researchers and teachers active in intelligent systems enabling technologies, like signal analysis, control systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. The lab is one of the largest research labs at Halmstad University with about half of its research done in close collaboration with industry. Several of the projects in the lab have also resulted in new products and/or patents; something we are very proud of.

CAISR - Centre for Applied Intelligent Systems Research is a research centre within IS-lab. This centre is funded by the "KK-stiftelsenexternal link".

Link to the lab's own webpagesexternal link.

Lab leader is professor Antanas Verikas, tel: +46 35 167140

Street address:
You find IS-lab in house E, on the 5th floor
Halmstad university, Kristian IV:s väg 3, Halmstad

Link to campus mapPDF (pdf, 253.8 kB)

CAISR annual report 2013

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