Say hi to our new website – and the new student web

Today Halmstad University launches its new website and a brand new student web. The new websites focus on the search function – rather than the menus – user needs and highlighting our core assignments: education and research. Instead of a traditional top menu, the visitor now accesses the menu through an icon at the top right of all the pages of the site, in the same way as many websites are designed today to be mobile friendly.

In addition, the structure has changed and our students have their own website, the Student web. This means students no longer have to look for information on the main website This is something our students have asked for for a long time.

“We hope and believe that the students will find this a great improvement. Searching the student web will not show any results from the University website, only content relevant for the students. The students can also use an A–Z list where all content on the student web is shown and which can be filtered by category”, says Emely Niemi Jonsson, Communications Officer and the student web Project Manager.

For the time being the information on the student web is static information, but there will soon be login services in order to personalise the content. The ambition is that the next version of the student web will be launched before the beginning of the autumn semester 2019.

A website is an on-going process

“We had very high ambitions in this project, but quite soon realised that we wouldn’t be able to finish everything before launching. For now, we have focused on education and admission, as the admission opens in a couple of weeks”, says Jenny Bisiach, Digital Strategist and Project Manager for the web project, and continues:

“We now have a stable technical base to build on. The next step will be to focus on information about the University’s research and how to present our researchers and their projects. A website is never finished, we will continue to develop and improve it.”