Investing in biogas benefits society

In order to encourage biogas production – an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to fossil fuels – researchers and PhD students at Halmstad University, in cooperation with farmers in Vessigebro and Falkenberg municipality, conduct a project aimed at furthering the sustainable business model innovation processes in farming businesses.

”The research project is aiming at finding out how more farmers can be encouraged to invest in biogas.”

Marie Mattsson, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is produced from digested organic waste, for instance manure and left-over food and feed. The biogas can be used to produce heat, electricity or fuel for transportation. Biogas production is also beneficial to farm companies because of the by-product bio-fertilisers, which can be used as a more sustainable alternative to mineral fertilisers.

“Biogas production can be a way for farmers to expand their business. The research project is aiming at finding out how more farmers can be encouraged to invest in biogas. We are going to investigate farm companies’ business models and suggest ways that they could become more profitable”, says Marie Mattsson, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences.

Three cows standing in a grass field. Photo.

A circular system – from field to fork

Many farms could benefit from building biogas plants, since they have access to manure and other substrates. A by-product from the biogas production is the bio-fertiliser – a kind of fertiliser that is even more beneficial than the original manure, due to less climate impact and better nutritional value. Bio-fertilisers could very well replace mineral fertilisers.

“Biogas production is a circular system. While producing food, the manure and other waste products can be used for biogas production and the bio-fertiliser can then be returned to the fields, contributing to the production of new food or feed, thus creating a cycle”, Marie Mattsson explains, continuing:

“We want to encourage more farmers to invest in biogas production. We strive to be the driving force for a positive development and a circular economy in agriculture.”



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