Halland’s new innovation centre for information driven care

Today, Leap for Life – Halland’s collaborative effort in future healthcare – is launched. It is Halmstad University, Region Halland, all municipalities in Halland and the region’s business sector that start a joint innovation centre for information driven care.

”Leap for Life gathers the necessary ecosystem of competences – care development, business development and research – that are needed for Halland's unique venture in information driven care.”

Magnus Clarin

Our society and our healthcare system are facing a number of great challenges. Pandemics, an aging population and fewer caring hands require new solutions in order to maintain good healthcare. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to draw conclusions about collected health data, care givers and hospital managements can make better informed decisions and care can be even more individualised. The concept is called information driven care and will be the focus of the new innovation centre Leap for Life.

A doctor in a hospital environment looks at the camera. Beneath her, the following text is printed: Leap for Life – innovation centre for information driven care.

New focus area and name for the Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH)

Leap for Life is the new focus area and name of the Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH). When Leap for Life is launched on September 10, 2020, the following will happen:

Co-workers and projects at HCH

Co-workers at HCH will now be co-workers at Leap for Life. The two EU projects Testmiljö Halland – Framtidens vård och omsorg med smarta hemmet som bas and CareWare Nordic, which both run until August 2021, are included in Leap for Life.

Facilities at Halmstad University

Leap for Life is located in HCH’s former premises in the glass corridor opposite the Spiro restaurant. Leap’s logotype can already be seen on the glass walls.


On September 10, Leap’s website is launched. At the same time the HCH website will be deactivated (and redirected to

Social media

Leap for Life takes over HCH’s established social media channels and their names will be changed to Leap for Life.

Text: Louise Wandel

Film: Hilda Liberg and Linnéa Andersson