Introduction to Innovation Sciences

7,5 credits

This course gives doctoral students familiarity with scholarly literature and research on innovation. The course offers insights into how the study of innovations has developed as a research field, and how different disciplines jointly contribute to the scholarly understanding of innovation work. The course also provides an overview of theories and research methods that address innovation at different analytical levels, for example teams, firms, networks, industries, regions and nations.
Both classical works and contemporary theories and models are examined and critically evaluated. Emphasis will be put on understanding different traditions and approaches to grasp the complexity of how innovations emerge and diffuse in society.
The doctoral course is organized by Halmstad University as part of its doctoral program in Innovation Sciences with a focus on business administration and industrial management. Multiple disciplines contribute to Innovation Sciences as a research field, and we welcome students from other doctoral programs and disciplinary backgrounds to the course.
The course consists of four teaching modules, run over a period of three months, and with home assignments between the occasions. The teaching takes place in the form of interactive lectures and seminars where active participation is required.
The teaching modules are scheduled in 2021 as follows:

Module one
Innovation as a scholarly field of study, Sep 15-17

Module two
Classical works on innovation part I, Oct 6-7

Module three
Classical works on innovation part II, Oct 20-21

Module four
Contemporary perspectives and ‘hot topics’ in innovation
studies, Nov 10-12

Deadline for applications: August 15ht 2021
If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinator:

The teaching is planned to be on campus. We are monitoring actively the global COVID-19 outbreak and its potential consequences and, if needed, necessary actions will be taken to have the doctoral course in a virtual format.

Autumn 2021 (Campus based, Halmstad, 33%)


Graduate level

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General entry requirements for third-cycle studies.

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Restricted admission

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week: 37

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Teaching is in English.

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