Introductory Course for PhD Students

7,5 credits

The course is divided into three modules: Theory of Science, 3 credits, Research Ethics, 2.5 credits and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2 credits

Theory of science, 3 credits
The module deals with the development of the theory of science and the development of ontological and epistemological assumptions as the starting point for different paradigms and research approaches. The course provides an overview of the pros and cons of quantitative and qualitative research methods and how they can complement each other as well as validity and credibility criteria for quantitative and qualitative methods. Furthermore, there is room for critical discussion on the advantages and disadvantages, validity and credibility of different research approaches.

Research ethics 2,5 credits
The module deals with national and international laws and principles that regulate different parts of the research ethics, the methods and consequences of research. The module also deals with issues relating to value aspects and ethical considerations in relation to the student’s and others research area and methodology. The module also addresses areas such as the role of ethical committees, scientific misconduct, publishing ethics, research ethical challenges in relation to new technologies and the relation of research to society.

Teaching and learning in higher education 2 credits
The module deals with societal goals and regulations for higher education as well as didactic tools. The course also deals with forms for planning, conducting and assessing teaching and learning in higher education in the field of knowledge of the student in order to develop the student's educational skills.

The course can only be applied for by PhD students who have been admitted to postgraduate studies at Halmstad University.

Spring 2024 (Campus based, Halmstad, 33%)


Graduate level

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General entry requirements for third cycle programmes.

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Restricted admission

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week: 06

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Teaching is in English.

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