Legitimation of New Industries and International New Ventures

5 credits

The aim of the doctoral course is to acquaint doctoral students with theories and key findings in scholarly research that address the legitimation of new industries and international new ventures. The course gives doctoral students familiarity with state-of-the-art research on international entrepreneurship, including research-based insights on new venture internationalization and other key aspects of entrepreneurial internationalization.
The course is delivered using a mixture of lecture-based and interactive teaching methods, including a field trip and a group assignment with feedback to doctoral students.
The main themes in the course include:

  • Legitimation and development of International Entrepreneurship as research field
  • Theoretical perspectives on firm’s international legitimation and development
  • Field trip to company
  • Entrepreneurial management in international new ventures
  • Industry emergence and international entrepreneurship
  • International new ventures in the digital age
  • Group work and presentations

    The doctoral course is organized within the EU funded training program ‘Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change – LNETN’ which is part of the Marie Sklodowska–Curie Innovative Training Networks (Horizon 2020). The training program involves Aalborg University (coordinator), Halmstad University, University of Glasgow, and University of Oulu. Doctoral students from other universities are warmly welcome. All teaching is in English.

    The teaching takes place in the form of interactive lectures and seminars where active participation is required.

    Professor Svante Andersson Halmstad University
    Professor Jonas Gabrielsson Halmstad University
    Professor Natasha Evers Halmstad University/Trinity College Dublin

    The teaching sessions are planned as follows:

    22 October 9-12 (virtual meeting over zoom)
    22-26 November (campus teaching, Halmstad University*)
    *The teaching in November is planned to be on campus. We are monitoring actively the global COVID-19 outbreak and its potential consequences and, if needed, necessary actions will be taken to run the doctoral course in a virtual format.

    If you have questions, please contact the course coordinator:
    Deadline for applications: September 21th

Autumn 2021 (Campus based, Halmstad, 50%)


Graduate level

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General entry requirements for third-cycle studies.

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Restricted admission

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week: 42

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Teaching may be in English.

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