CAISR+: Predictive maintenance and machine learning

The CAISR+ project is a joint effort between the Center for Applied Intelligent System Research (CAISR), several companies in the Volvo Group and Toyota Material Handling Europe. The goal is to develop the CAISR coproduction research on predictive maintenance and machine learning to an international strong position.

The CAISR+ project is about using recent machine learning methods and working with real industrial data (streaming data, onboard data, or data in databases) related to predictive maintenance. There are currently two main application tracks:

  • usage characterization through machine activity recognition (forklift trucks and heavy-duty trucks)
  • modelling survivability of vehicle subsystems (turbochargers, coolant pumps, electric drive batteries).

In addition, CAISR+ includes participating in international conferences and organizing thematic workshops to establish CAISR internationally as an actor in this field. CAISR+ also includes advanced courses on the topic directed at professionals.

Ongoing subprojects in CAISR+ are predicting turbocharger failures, modelling coolant pump failures, detecting “no fault found”, transfer learning from high-frequency to low-frequency databases, machine activity recognition from CAN data, survivability for electromobility batteries, modelling bus usage and battery health. The machine learning topics covered here are transfer learning, self-supervised feature learning, domain adaptation, variational autoencoders, meta learning and explainability.

The CAISR+ project has an industrial advisory board to keep the research relevant for the industrial partners and to point at important industrial developments. Our work on machine learning for predictive maintenance has so far resulted in 19 journal papers and 14 conference papers (2020–2022). There have also been an industrial demonstrator and the transfer of code from academia to industry.

About the project:

Project period

January 1, 2020–December 31, 2023


KK-stiftelsen (Knowledge Foundation)

Project manager

Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Professor

Collaboration partners

  • Volvo GTT
  • Volvo Buses
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Volvo Group Connected Solutions
  • Toyota Material Handling