AHA II – Design Ethnographic Living Labs for Future Urban Mobility – A Human Approach

AHA II is a collaborative project between Halmstad University, Volvo Cars, the City of Gothenburg, the City of Helsingborg, Västtrafik and Skånetrafiken, where citizens are involved in developing future mobility solutions.

In the project, researchers will establish so-called living labs in two different city districts in Gothenburg and Helsingborg, to engage people in how new mobility solutions can be integrated in their particular neighbourhoods. AHA II is based on a previous project, Co-Designing Future Smart Urban Mobility Services – A Human Approach (AHA), in which researchers developed a collaborative model for human-centred mobility design with industry and cities.

About the project

Project period:

  • October 1, 2019, to December 31, 2021


  • AHA II is funded by Drive Sweden's strategic funds.

Involved partners:

  • Volvo Cars
  • City of Gothenburg
  • City of Helsingborg
  • Västtrafik
  • Skånetrafiken

Project team from Halmstad University: