About Center of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport

Our research shall be value-creating and benefit society, and shall contribute to a good quality of life in an equal and sustainable society.

CVHI is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environment at the School of Health and Welfare at Halmstad University. The research is based on people’s needs and societal challenges within the areas of health, lifestyle and welfare, and is conducted in close collaboration with relevant target groups and partners from organisations, the public sector and the industry.

The CVHI research environment has four defined research domains:

  • Sustainable participation in sport and physical activity
  • Sustainable growth
  • Participation in a changing welfare society
  • Health and social care of the future

Within CVHI, research is conducted on the basis of the following topics:

  • Work studies
  • Public health studies
  • Sport studies
  • Human geography
  • Medical studies
  • Media and communication studies
  • Nursing
  • Teaching and learning
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political studies