Instruction and support

The library offers search support, lectures and workshops on information literacy and reference management.

Library instruction

We design library instruction together with teachers to help students achieve the learning outcomes related to information retrieval.


Teaching is often carried out several times in the same programme. In these cases, there should be a progression of content. Teaching librarians actively work for integration and progression.

It is important that the teaching is linked to course assignments where information skills are needed, such as writing an essay.

Examples of content:

  • search strategy
  • relevant sources of information
  • critical evaluation of sources
  • critical evaluation of search results
  • interpretation and management of references.


Teachers are welcome to contact us to book a library class for their particular course and program. Use our booking form on Insidan. The request must be made at least 4 weeks before the desired class.

Two persons using laptops in a library. Photo.

Photo by NEC Corporation of America with Creative Commons license.

Literature searching support for students

Need help finding information or have other questions related to information retrieval?

Search support

Contact the helpdesk in the library with your questions about information retrieval.

Drop in (during term)

Wednesdays between 12.30 and 13.30 it is drop in with open tutoring in the library. Here you can get help with searching scientific literature and managing your references.

Book an appointment

If you need further help you can in some cases make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation (up to 45 minutes). This service is a follow-up/complement to the library's teaching and does not replace this.

To make an appointment you have to be a student at Halmstad University and in the process of writing your thesis.

If you want to schedule an appointment please send an email to the library with the following information

  • your name and student email address
  • course/programme
  • the subject of your thesis.

Drop in and booking is only offered during term.

Distance students

If you at a distance student at Halmstad University you can get support via telephone or Zoom.

Student at another university

If you are a student at another university, contact the library there for individual support.

Literature searching support for researchers

Do you need help with searching the literature for a systematic review or similar? We offer support in various forms. Contact the library for a consultation and we will further discuss your needs.