Future Mobility Center (FMC)

The Future Mobility Center (FMC) at Halmstad University is a new initiative to conduct open innovation, focusing on academic frontline research and performing truly multidisciplinary co-creation within mobility related services. This is intended to offer a valuable alternative innovation method, as compared to traditional company-based internal development.

About FMC

FMC focuses on mobility-related services with the intention of testing a new paradigm for research at the intersection of academia and industry. The purpose is to gather all the necessary functions for state-of-the-art innovation, research and development in one common place.

Leading the world to sustainability and life quality, through smart mobility solutions.

FMC products

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Industrial partners within the transportation sector can though a membership in the Future Moblity Center directly sponsor the center's activities. The members are offered the possibility to influence the center's functions and direction, which of course is of particular importance at this early stage.

FMC news and events

No upcoming news or events at the moment. But stay tuned!

Previous events

Future Mobility Center Launch Event

April 12, 2019

Dome of Visions, Gothenburg

The event gathered companies, organisations and institutions working within the transportation sector. The vision and functionality of FMC was presented, as well as information about products in development.

”The FMC launch event was truly successful. More than 30 mobility-related organisations participated and showed a huge interest in this new concept, surpassing all of our expectations. I am really excited and look forward to start co-creating with this powerful new open-innovation community that has been a missing link for too long”, says Richard Bunk, Director of Future Mobility Center.

A man presents a presentation slide to room full of people. Photo.

Representatives from over 30 companies and organisations gathered at the Future Mobility Center launch event on April 12 in Gothenburg.

A collage of logotypes from companies and organisations. Illustration.

Companies and organisations that participated at the FMC launch event.