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Data age based MAC scheme for fast and reliable communication within and between platoons of vehicles

Böhm, Annette, Kunert, Kristina

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


Heavy vehicles driving as platoon with highly reduced inter-vehicle gaps has shown considerable fuel saving potential, but put high timing and reliability requirements on the underlying control data exchange. The recently standardized IEEE 802.11p protocol suite for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) and its message types do neither support the demands of a platooning application nor take advantage of its properties. We therefore propose a framework for centralized channel access with retransmission capabilities for safety critical control data exchange based on the data age of earlier received messages, DA-RE (Data Age based REtransmission scheme). A simulation comparison to the 802.11p random access Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol shows that the intelligent assignment of retransmission opportunities considerably improves the reliability of platooning control data. We also propose a power control based scheme for early platoon detection allowing several platoons to temporarily share a channel and show that the safe and reliable operation of their vehicles is not compromised. © 2016 IEEE.

Nyckelord: Access control; Ad hoc networks; Electronic data interchange; Fuel economy; Medium access control; Mobile computing; Power control; Safety engineering; Vehicles; Medium access control protocols; Reliability requirements; Reliable communication; Reliable operation; Retransmission scheme; Retransmissions; Simulation comparison; Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs); Vehicular ad hoc networks

Citera: Böhm, Annette & Kunert, Kristina, Data age based MAC scheme for fast and reliable communication within and between platoons of vehicles, International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications., 2016