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Parallelldatorarkitektur, strömsnål trådlös kommunikation.

Urval publikationer nyligen:

Nilsson, B., L. Bengtsson, B. Svensson, U. Bilstrup, PA. Wiberg, An active backscatter wake-up and tag identification extraction protocol for low cost and low power active RFID, IEEE Int Conf on RFID-Techn and Appl 2010, Guangzhou, China, Jun 2010, pp. 86-91.

Nilsson, E., B. Nilsson, L. Bengtsson, and B. Svensson,A low power - long range active RFID-system consisting of active backscatter transponders, IEEE Int Conf on RFID-Techn and Appl 2010, Guangzhou, China, Jun 2010.

Bengtsson, J., B. Svensson, Manycore performance analysis using timed configuration graphs, 2009 IEEE Int.Conf on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (SAMOS IX), Samos, Greece, Jul 2009

Zain-ul-Abdin, B. Svensson, Evolution in architectures and programming methodologies of coarse-grained reconfigurable computing, Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems 33 (2009) 161178

Prof. Bertil Svensson leads the Centre for Research on Embedded Systems (CERES) at Halmstad University and is the Programme Director of Research for Innovation (KK-miljö), the strategic, overarching research programme of Halmstad University. He is professor at Halmstad since 1998 and at Chalmers since 1991. He was a member of the Scientific Council for natural and engineering sciences in the Swedish Research Council (VR) 2004 - 2009 and member of the Program Committee for Microelectronics at the Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) 2010-2013. He has authored or co-authored about 100 scientific papers in journals and full-paper reviewed international conferences and contributed to seven books. His research interests are in embedded systems, parallel and reconfigurable computers, and intelligent systems. He led the build-up of the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering at Halmstad University. He has initiated and built up research centres in image processing, computer architecture and embedded systems. At Chalmers he has built up research in parallel computer architecture and, as Vice Dean, led the complete renewal of the Master’s program. He is also much engaged in promoting the creation of innovation based new enterprises.


Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems Research (EIS)