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Peace in Cyberspace Will Not Take Place


Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


The ongoing debate whether cyberwar exists or not is odd and to large extent based on an Industrial age view of the definition of war. The ongoing digital revolution ends the industrial age and it was in the context of the industrial age that the Clausewitzian theories of war were defined. The industrial age was built upon machines and physical objects, and the theories of war in this era were also based on these elements. However, when the importance of physical values is vanishing and replaced by other values, as information and knowledge, the fundamental elements of war in the industrial age becomes week. An extension of the theories of war in the information age is that destruction of digital assets is representing the same element of violence, if it potentially cripples an enemy to defeat. When a society’s valuable assets are in the digital form and not necessarily even present within the geographical area of a sovereign state one maybe have to reconsider the understanding of war. This paper explores the discourse framing war in the information age, and conducts a discussion on how to define peace and war in cyberspace, especially in the context of digital violence.

Citera: Bilstrup, Urban & Stranne, Frida, Peace in Cyberspace Will Not Take Place, ., 2016