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A Configurable Two Dimensional Mesh Network-on-Chip Implementation in Chisel

Savas, Süleyman, Ul-Abdin, Zain, Nordström, Tomas

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


On-chip communication plays a significant role in the performance of manycore architectures. Therefore, they require a proper on-chip communication infrastructure that can scale with the number of the cores. As a solution, network-on-chip structures have emerged and are being used.

This paper presents description of a two dimensional mesh network-on-chip router and a network interface, which are implemented in Chisel to be integrated to the rocket chip generator that generates RISC-V (rocket) cores. The router is implemented in VHDL as well and the two implementations are verified and compared.

Hardware resource usage and performance of different sized networks are analyzed. The implementations are synthesized for a Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA via Xilinx tools for the hardware resource usage and clock frequency results. The performance results including latency and throughput measurements with different traffic patterns, are collected with cycle accurate emulations. 

The implementations in Chisel and VHDL do not show a significant difference. Chisel requires around 10% fewer lines of code, however, the difference in the synthesis results is negligible. Our latency result are better than the majority of the other studies. The other results such as hardware usage, clock frequency, and throughput are competitive when compared to the related works.

Nyckelord: network-on-chip; Chisel; mesh; scalable

Citera: Savas, Süleyman, Ul-Abdin, Zain & Nordström, Tomas, A Configurable Two Dimensional Mesh Network-on-Chip Implementation in Chisel, IEEE conference proceedings, 2019