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Psychological predictors of sport injuries among soccer players

Ivarsson, Andreas, Johnson, Urban

Konferensbidrag (Övrigt vetenskapligt)


Between 65 – 91 % of elite soccer players have at least one injury / year (Hägglund, 2007). Several researches have established models that specify psychological factors that could predict sport injuries. Two examples are Rogers and Landers (2005) stress – coping model and Williams and Andersen´s (1998) stress – injury model. The main purpose of the study was to single out significant psychological factors that could lead to an increased injury risk among soccer players. The participants were 152 male and female soccer players (m = 17, 6) studying at soccer high schools in southwest Sweden. Five questionnaires were used STAI, SAS, LESCA, ACSI – 28 and SSP. Continuously injury record was collected by athletic trainers at the school, during a period of six months. The result suggested that there are four significant predictors that in all could explain 23 % of the injuries. The main factors are life event stress, somatic trait anxiety, mistrust and negative coping. These findings are in unison with for example Williams and Andersen´s (1998) stress – injury model and should be considered by coaches when it comes to preventing sport injuries among their athletes.

Nyckelord: Life event stress; Personality; Psychological predictors; Sport injury

Citera: Ivarsson, Andreas & Johnson, Urban, Psychological predictors of sport injuries among soccer players, Book of abstracts / 5 Workshop of the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology., s. 34-35, 2009