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Halmstad applied sport psychology supervision model in action : a case of an elite swedish golfer

Stambulova, Natalia, Johnson, Urban, Linnér, Lukas

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


This presentation is planned as having two parts. First, the Halmstad Supervision applied sport psychology Model (HSM) developed by the first and the second authors during their more than a decade experiences of running an applied sport psychology course at Halmstad University (Sweden) will be briefly introduced. The HSM is a “local” framework that consists of: (a) pre-conditions addressing students’ and teachers’ backgrounds, as well as contextual and organizational issues that influenced development of the HSM, (b) underlying frameworks (e.g., the scientist-practitioner model and Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory), and goals for applied sport psychology supervision, (c) philosophy representing values and principles, theoretical orientations, and areas addressed in the supervision, (d) process including forms, methods and content, as well as the climate and ethics of supervision, and (e) outcomeswith students’ feedback and achievements (Stambulova,  Johnson & Linnér, 2014). Then, the third author’s (former student) experiences of the HSM in action during his six months intervention with an elite Swedish golfer will follow. The case under consideration was addressed by the student from a holistic developmental perspective (Wylleman & Lavallee, 2004) and included working issues, such as dealing with cognitive anxiety during golf matches, increasing the golfer’s self-confidence including one complicated situation with his coach, and helping the client with self-awareness and exploration of other than athletic roles to make his self-worth less depended on the golf performance. The student’s journey from the first contact with the client, through initial interviews, observations, and assessments to developing a working plan, realization of the plan with adjustments occurred, and up to termination of the intervention will be traced and complemented by reflections on the supervision and its effectiveness throughout different parts of the journey. © 2015 University of Bern, Institut of Sport Science

Citera: Stambulova, Natalia, Johnson, Urban & Linnér, Lukas, Halmstad applied sport psychology supervision model in action: a case of an elite swedish golfer, Proceedings : 14th European Congress of Sport Psychology: Sport Psychology: Theories and Applications for Performance, Health and Humanity: 14-19 July 2015, Bern, Switzerland., s. 105-105, 2015