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APPES Maps as Tools for Quantifying Performance of Truck Drivers


Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


Understanding and quantifying drivers’ influence on fuel consumption is an important and challenging problem. A number of commonly used approaches are based on collection of Accelerator Pedal Position - Engine Speed (APPES) maps. Up until now, however, most publicly available results are based on limited amounts of data collected in experiments performed under well-controlled conditions. Before APPES maps can be considered a reliable solution, there is a need to evaluate the usefulness of those models on a larger and more representative data.

In this paper we present analysis of APPES maps that were collected, under actual operating conditions, on more than 1200 trips performed by a fleet of 5 Volvo trucks owned by a commercial transporter in Europe. We use Gaussian Mixture Models to identify areas of those maps that correspond to different types of driver behaviour, and investigate how the parameters of those models relate to variables of interest such as vehicle weight or fuel consumption.

Nyckelord: data mining; truck drivers; fuel; fuel consumptions; histograms

Citera: Carpatorea, Iulian, Nowaczyk, Sławomir, Rögnvaldsson, Thorsteinn & Elmer, Marcus, APPES Maps as Tools for Quantifying Performance of Truck Drivers, Learning Fleet., 2014