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Motivational profiles in exercise and physical activity behavior


Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


From a self-determination theory (SDT; Deci & Ryan 1985; Ryan & Deci, 2002) perspective, the nature of motivation is dynamic and the quite recent concept of “motivational soup” suggest that different types of motivational regulations coexist within people and that these within-person patterns in turn will produce different patterns of behavior. Instead of using traditional approaches focusing on variable centered analyses and between-person patterns, the relatively new trend (within this area) of using person-centered statistical analyses permit insights and understanding in how motivational regulations interact within persons and how these interactions relate to behavior. Such knowledge would provide a valuable contribution to the tailoring of interventions aimed to target specific groups of people using potent psychographic profiles as moderators instead of more blunted demographic variables (Hardcastle & Hagger, 2015). This symposium brings together European researchers from four different universities to discuss new insights on within-person relationships in different steps of the SDT process model. The first presenter will look into the associations between behavioral regulation profiles and exercisers’ emotional response in a large sample of health clubs members. The second presenter will discuss exercise motivational profiles of obese patients and how these relate to exercise behavior 6-months post-discharge. The third presenter will describe a model with four motivation profiles for exercise professionals in relationship to multiple continuous outcomes such as work satisfaction, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. The fourth presenter will share results from a latent transition analysis on a three-wave longitudinal study in a digital context. The following discussion will then be focused on overlapping and specific motivational profiles in relation to exercise and physical activity promotion and strategies for future research and applications.

Nyckelord: exercise; motivational profiles; self-determination

Citera: Weman Josefsson, Karin, Motivational profiles in exercise and physical activity behavior, Sport Psychology : Linking theory to practice: Proceedings of the XIV ISSP World Congress of Sport Psychology., s. 318-318, 2017