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Occupational Value among Individuals with Long-Term Mental Illness

Eklund, Mona, Erlandsson, Lena-Karin, Persson, Dennis

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Purpose. The study compared the perceived value of occupation among a sample of individuals with long-term mental illness to a sample of people not diagnosed with mental illness. As well, it investigated whether diagnostic and demographic factors were related to perceived occupational value among the individuals with mental illness. Finally, the study examined the relationship between occupational value and ratings of health and well-being. Method. One hundred and three individuals with mental illness and 28 healthy individuals were recruited for the study. Results. Overall occupational value among the individuals diagnosed with mental illness differed only marginally from the healthy group, indicating that perceived occupational value was by and large not related to mental illness. Among the individuals with mental illness, having children living at home was related to occupational value. There were moderate to strong associations between occupational value and measures of health and well-being. Practice Implications. This study provides important insights into occupational value among individuals with persistent mental health problems and provides some preliminary evidence in support of the Value, Meaning and Occupation Model. © CAOT PUBLICATIONS ACE

Nyckelord: Occupation (Human); Quality of life; Rehabilitation; psychosocial

Citera: Eklund, Mona, Erlandsson, Lena-Karin & Persson, Dennis, Occupational Value among Individuals with Long-Term Mental Illness, Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy / Revue Canadienne d`Ergotèrapie., 70:5, s. 276-284, 2003