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Staff at Halmstad University

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CVHI - Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport

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My main research area is exercise psychology, motivation and e-health


I defended my PhD thesis “You don’t have to love it” in April 2016. I have been project leader 2014-2019 for Project GoDIS, an interdisciplinary research project on e-health innovations in exercise motivation, and also funded the trademark WemanMotivation connected to this research. In 2019 I initiated the progression project GoFaR, funded by Vinnova https://www.hh.se/forskning/forskningsmiljoer/centrum-for-forskning-om-valfard-halsa-och-idrott-cvhi/forskningsomrade-hallbart-deltagande-i-idrott-och-fysisk-aktivitet/gofar.html


I supervise essays and lecture in sport and exercise psychology.


Senior Lecturer and Phd in Psychology

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