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Staff at Halmstad University

Research environment

CVHI - Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport

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Health and Healthcare


My research area is women´s and child´s health with a healthpromoting, health geographic and salutogenic perspective. The aim of my thesis was to increase awareness of women´s own healthability during pregnancy and women´s experiences and coping strategies during first stage of labor, before active labor.Research promoting women´s normal childbirth is a topical field of research, because the increasing frequency of instrumental deliveries in Sweden and in the Western World. A childbirth that deviates from the normal process has implications for women´s health as well as economic consequences.

I also conduct research in the field of childrens health and how they perceive their balance in everyday life.

In several of my studies, I have used the method of grounded theory.

The research is within the research environment Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport (CVHI), Halmstad University.


Nursing -basic and advanced level.

Scientific theory and method, obstetrics and full-scale simulation.



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