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Mobile Multimedia Services - Strategy to attract young audiences?

Lindqvist, Mats, Svensson, Jesper

Conference paper (Refereegranskat)


In this paper, a questionnaire study concerning young Swedish peoplesuse patterns for mobile services is conducted. The study investigates what possibleadded value mobile multimedia services can provide for the users. Furthermore aworkshop with a focus group is conducted that also examines the possible added valuewith mobile multimedia services. This study also investigates what barriers there is formobile multimedia services. The identified barriers are analyzed using the InnovationDiffusion Theory (Rogers, 1995). The overall research question in this paper is: canmobile multimedia services be a feasible strategy for service providers to attract youngaudiences? Two main barriers for mobile multimedia services are identified, cost andtechnical restraints. Further on, one barrier that was identified in the workshop was thelack of knowledge of what services that were offered by service providers and mobileoperators. Even if complexity issues could be identified regarding the configuration of themobile devices, they were not critical. The results indicate that mobile multimediaservices may be a feasible strategy for service providers and mobile operators to reach ayounger audience.

Key words: Mobile Multimedia Services; Adoption

Cite: Lindqvist, Mats & Svensson, Jesper, Mobile Multimedia Services - Strategy to attract young audiences?, Proceedings of IRIS'30, Tampere, Finland, August 11-14., s. 15, 2007http://hh.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:239937/FULLTEXT01.pdf