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A research proposal for in-car ecological interface design : to get a grip


Conference paper (Refereegranskat)


Many different tasks are being performed in a ubiquitous environment as a car. The primary task is driving though with new technologies secondary tasks are affecting the driver performance in different ways. Safety is crucial and should never be influenced negative by secondary tasks. A vision of the in-car interface and the interaction with all systems or devices that are being used by the driver is that it can be seen as one environment where the devices and the different systems work pervasive and ubiquitous. The environment must support driver behavior in the future with these tasks whether they are primary or secondary, to remain the safety. In design of complex human-machine system e.g. interaction in a jet fighter cockpit, theories from Ecological Interface Design are applied to get a better understanding of how to design for such complexity where focus on one device at a time rarely occur. The ecological part is to see all the devices, interfaces in the same environment that interacts with a user as a whole. The question is; How should one design the work domain so that a driver can be adaptive in varied situations based on the information being visualized or communicated from different interfaces in a car, with consideration to driver experience and safety?

Cite: Lindqvist, Mats, A research proposal for in-car ecological interface design: to get a grip, Proceedings of the 32nd Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia., 2009