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Cal2Many : A Framework to Compile Dataflow Programs for Manycores


Manuscript (preprint) (Övrigt vetenskapligt)


The arrival of manycore platforms has imposed programming challenges for mainstream embedded system developers. In this paper, we discuss the significance of actor-oriented dataflow languages and present our compilation framework for CAL Actor Language that leads to increased portability and retargetability. We demonstrate the applicability of our approach with streaming applications targeting the Epiphany many-core architecture. We have performed an in-depth analysis of MPEG-4 SP implemented on Epiphany using our framework and studied the effects of actor composition. We have identified hardware aspects such as increased off-chip memory bandwidth and larger local memories that could result in further performance improvements.

Key words: Design; Algorithms; Performance; dataflow languages; compilation framework; manycore; CAL

Cite: Gebrewahid, Essayas, Ul-Abdin, Zain & Gaspes, Veronica, Cal2Many: A Framework to Compile Dataflow Programs for Manycores, 2017