Create an access card

In order to get access to the campus facilitites, you need an access card. This card can also be used as a library card at the University Library. You can create your access card when you are registered as a student.

Create your access card at Service Center

  1. Make sure to be registered for the courses you are taking.
  2. Go to the photo stations at Service Center (the glass aisle in B Building).
  3. Log in by using your student account details (the username and password you chose when creating the account). Follow the instructions.
  4. Go to Service Center to show your ID and to get your access card printed.
  5. About ten minutes after your card has been printed, you can use the card to access the facilities. Please note that it is not until the upcoming workday that you can use the card to loan books at the Library.

Opening hours at Service Center

Have you forgotten your pin code or lost your card?

  • If you need a new pin code you can go to the service stations at Service Center to create a new code.
  • If you loose your access card you can order a new one for 50 SEK at Service Center. Remember to bring a valid ID. If you card does not work anymore , you can get a new one for free.
A female student stands at a photo booth in the Service Center and looks into the camera. Photo.