Regulations for access cards

The access card is to be treated as a valuable document – a key that grants you access to University premises. As a card holder you are responsible for keeping the card and your pincode from falling into the wrong hands. When you get your access card you agree to follow University regulations.

The purpose of the access card is to establish who has the right of access regarding Halmstad University premises. Therefore, the card must at all times be carried and be shown on request.
The card cannot be used as identification outside premises of Halmstad University.

As a card holder, you are obliged to follow these regulations:

  • do not disclose your PIN code to any unauthorized person(s),
  • do not lend your campus card to others,
  • do not use the card in violation with current law,
  • keep the access card and PIN code separate as well as making sure your access card and PIN code are kept in a safe place,
  • immediately notify Helpdesk or contact Service Center if your campus card is mislaid, or if your PIN code has fallen into the hands of any unauthorized person(s). In case of mislaid cards (not wear and tear) a fee of 50 SEK will be charged,
  • upon request, show your access card to security guards and / or other members of staff,
  • return an expired card to the Service Center and
  • follow Halmstad University's rules regarding the use of premises.

Infringement of these rules can imply that your card will be blocked by the University.