Graduation ceremony 2022

Do you want to celebrate your graduation with your family, friends and Halmstad University? On Friday June 3, 2022, all graduands who intend to complete their degree programme studies at Halmstad University in spring 2022 are kindly invited to our joint graduation ceremony.

We hope you see June 3 as a festive occasion to celebrate your graduation with family, friends and the University. For the first time in two years, we are now having a physical graduation ceremony again and we hope for an eventful graduation week.

Happy people waving colored shawls, confetti rain. Photo.

A graduation ceremony on campus

This year’s graduation will take place in the University Hall on campus with one joint ceremony for all graduating students that have registered for the occasion. The ceremony will start at 3 pm.

There is a limit to how many visitors are allowed in the University Hall at the same time and only the graduating students will attend the ceremony in the hall. Family and friends are welcome to attend on campus to celebrate with you the rest of the day.

After the ceremony, you will march out of the University Hall and gather with your own School. More information about the location of gathering for every School will follow. Family, friends, and staff from the University can take part in the celebrations along the way.

More practical information about the graduation day will follow before June 3.

The ceremony will be livestreamed

The ceremony will also be streamed digitally and relatives that are attending on campus will be able to connect to the University’s guest network and see the ceremony on their own computer, tablet or mobile phone. The livestream will also be shown on tv-screens on campus, with a limitied amount of seats. Information will follow regarding which halls the livestream will be shown in.

Programme for the University Hall

  • 2.30 pm: All students gather and take their seats in the University Hall.
  • 2.45 pm: Family and friends take their seats in halls on campus to see the ceremony digitally.
  • 3 pm: The ceremony begins.
  • Inspiring speeches, entertainment and granting of awards.
  • 4 pm: The ceremony ends. The students leave the hall and walk to the location for the gathering with the own programme.

Important dates

  • April 14: Last date to nominate candidates for the awards Student of the Year and Alumnus/Alumna of the Year.
  • May 1: Last day to register for the graduation ceremony.

The graduation week

  • June 1: Utexpo.
  • June 2: Utexpo.
  • June 3: Programme degree assemblies and the joint graduation ceremony on campus.

Find your shawl color

  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Accounting and Bank Management: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Applied Environmental Science: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Digital Service Innovation: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Electronics Design: turquoise
  • Master's programme (120 credits) in Energy Smart Innovation in the Bulit Environment:
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Embedded and Intelligent Systems: turquoise
  • Master's programme (120 credits) in Health and Lifestyle: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Industrial Management and Innovation: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Information Technology: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Mechanical Engineering: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Nordic Welfare: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Network Forensics: turquoise
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth: turquoise

Graduation ceremony glossary


  • Allergies: Due to airborne allergies, there is a full ban on nuts during the day, both at programme degree assemblies on campus and in the University Hall.


  • Cancellation: Please notify the University if you already have registered and you cannot attend.
  • Consuming alcohol: It is not allowed to bring alcohol to the Graduation ceremony.


  • Degree certificate: You will not receive your degree certificate during the Graduation ceremony. When you have completed your studies, you can apply for the degree certificate in Student Ladok.
  • Dress code: There is no dress code at the ceremony. As a student you will be given the opportunity to borrow a graduation shawl as a ceremony accessory.


  • Food and drinks: On campus, there are places where you can have food and drinks with your family and friends.


  • Graduation shawl: Students who attend the Graduation ceremony may borrow a color-coded shawl. The color of the shawl is based on the student overall, which is used during the Nollning/Fresher’s week, for example.
  • Graduation week: The last week of the semester when a lot of festive activities take place on campus, including graduation fairs and the Graduation ceremony.


  • Hashtag: You are welcome to use our hashtags #avslutninghh and #graduationhh when sharing photos from the graduation week on social media.
  • Healthcare: Health care providers will be present during the Graduation ceremony.


  • Individual study plan: Those who have studied at a faster pace or have taken individual courses corresponding to a programme are not listed in the same way as programme students and therefore may not receive an invitation via email, but you are of course welcome to register anyway. When registering under these circumstances, please select ’Other Education’ from the list.
  • Invitation: The invitation for the Graduation ceremony will be sent via email to those of you who complete your programme studies at Halmstad University during the academic year in which the graduation ceremony is held. You do not have to have fully completed your studies to participate, you are welcome even if you have a few course elements left to complete.


  • Language: The Graduation ceremony is mainly held in Swedish but is translated into English so that the University's students and their guests can understand and participate.


  • Parking: There are parking available around the University. As there can be many visitors on the graduation day it can be good to avoid taking the car, if possible.
  • Pictures: You are allowed to take pictures during the ceremony from the seat where you are sitting. Feel free to use the hashtags #avslutninghh and #graduationhh when posting on social media.
  • Programme degree assembly: Many programmes have a tradition of meeting up to say goodbye to each other and celebrate, before the joint Graduation ceremony.


  • Registration: You must register yourself before the registration period closes in order to attend the ceremony. The ceremony is planned based on how many students have registered. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate if you arrive unannounced. The registration period for this years ceremony closed on May 1.


  • Seats: You are welcome to choose your own seat during the ceremony in the University Hall. If you arrive with your classmates you can sit together.
  • Special needs: Do you need extra assistance during the ceremony? Please notify us in the registration form or via email to one week prior to the event at latest.