How the corona virus affects you as a student

On this page you can find the latest information regarding how the corona virus affect you as a student at Halmstad University. It is important that you stay informed about the situation and current recommendations via this page.

Avoid infection – great individual responsibility

  1. If you are ill – stay home! If necessary, contact the public health service medical information for advice by dialling 1177 or visit
  2. Be careful with your hand hygiene! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 30 seconds and do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes with your hands.
  3. Cough or sneeze into a paper tissue or in your sleeve!
  4. Keep up-to-date via the Public Health Agency's and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' websites and apps. Don't spread any rumours!
  5. Find new, digital ways to meet and learn how to participate in online teaching. 




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